Start With the End in Mind: Designing a Master Blueprint for Your Clerkship

03-02-2017 13:07

Materials to help clerkship directors take a critical look at their current clerkship goals and objectives, assessment, and evaluation and purposefully align them with the NCC, the EPA's and the General Physician Competencies for a master blueprint.
Powerpoint presentation, worksheets, and supporting resources are included.

Author(s):Margit Chadwell, MD; Srikala Yedavally-Yellayi, DO
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STFM MSE Blueprint PP FInal.pptx   2.01MB   1 version
Uploaded - 03-02-2017
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FM Clerkship Competencies Mapping Worksheet.xlsx   19K   1 version
Uploaded - 03-02-2017
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Curricular map of EPA, FMAepa and NCC curricula.doc   68K   1 version
Uploaded - 03-02-2017
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Core EPA Curriculum Dev Guide.pdf   707K   1 version
Uploaded - 03-02-2017
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Clerkship Blueprint Worksheet STFM MSE 2017.xlsx   25K   1 version
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MSE2017 Start With the End in Mind.docx   150K   1 version
Uploaded - 03-02-2017

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