The LEARNS Collaborative (Leading Education And Reducing No-Shows): a Pathway to the Triple Aim

03-29-2016 07:04

Missed appointments affect the cost and quality of care as well as patient, provider, and staff satisfaction. The UNC Faculty Development Fellowship Quality Improvement Collaborative has undertaken a year-long effort to decrease the no-show rate in seven diverse, residency-based clinical practices. As a group we developed a change package to address clinic flow, practice policy (content and implementation), provider and staff behavior, and patient factors that impact no-show rates. Interventions developed from our change package were implemented within our individual residency practices based on needs or gaps that were identified during analysis of our various existing policies and procedures. In this session, we summarize evidence for the effect of missed appointments on cost, quality, and experience of care and share best practices developed to date as well as plans for future changes and further research. FMDRL_ID: 6006

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Author(s):Catherine Scarbrough, MD, Peter Lazzopina, MD, Jewell Carr, MD, Maximos Attia, MD, Steven Fox, MD, Roy Lemaster, MD, Krystal Tamura, MD, Alfred Reid, MA, Sam Weir, MD, Ann LeFebvre, MSW
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