Using a New Smartphone App to Document Milestones and Augment Resident Evaluation

04-28-2017 10:55

Curricular milestones describe a developmental progression of observable behaviors and provide a framework to document knowledge, skills, and attitudes of individual residents along a trajectory, thus informing competency-based progression. Resident teaching is challenging in its depth, pace, and complexity. Research shows that direct observation of residents occurs infrequently and feedback of the direct observation occurs even less frequently. As medical educators, we are tasked with creating and implementing effective, functional tools that provide formative feedback for residents. Furthermore, these tools should simultaneously inform reporting milestones for clinical competency committees (CCCs). Current evaluation tools often have low completion rates and delayed submissions. New tools should provide valuable information that is electronically recorded and collated by milestone and subcompetency.             We recognized a better tool was needed to document resident milestones and to determine subcompetency levels to report to the ACGME.  For the past two years, we have worked with developers to create an app that is secure, HIPPA-compliant, user-friendly and robust. This product drastically reduces the frustration and time required to document and submit resident milestone information to the ACGME. No administrative time is needed to collate data. Minimal faculty time is needed to prepare for the CCC. Upon implementation in our program, the length of CCC meetings have been drastically reduced and faculty discussions now focus on areas of discrepancy.

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Author(s):Roger Musa, MD; Keith Werstler, MD
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