Using Mission Statement as a Career Compass

05-10-2021 15:25

This session walks you through the process of doing a self- inventory about current your work/personal life integration and how that aligns (or mis-aligns) with your self-identified  goals and values.  Participants draft a mission statement that aims to capture these key values, aspirations and guiding principles in order to help guide future career/personal life decisions.  This is a dynamic statement that benefits from regular re-visiting and sharing/discussing with key figures in our professional and personal lives.  The exercise can be condensed into a sixty minute session (as it is here) or expanded into a half-day session (as we do with our Faculty Development fellows).   There is an accompanying handout to guide the exercises for the hourlong session.  The materials are protected by Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike license.

Author(s):Isabel Lee, MD & Grace Shih, MD, MAS
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