Want to Teach Oral Health Topics – Here’s How!

01-17-2020 18:05

Oral health (OH) is a major health issue in the US; it affects both medical outcomes (e.g., diabetes control) as well as personal and social outcomes (e.g., self-esteem and employability). Yet, medical schools, family medicine clerkships, and family medicine residency programs are lagging in teaching OH. We have surveyed more than 900 medicals schools and primary care training programs in the US (40% of all programs) and conducted in-depth interviews with another 30+ ‘best practice’ programs (across multiple health disciplines). That work assessed the various ways that health schools and programs are teaching OH and factors related to building an OH curriculum (e.g., driving forces, learning objectives, resources used, and dental collaboration successes and challenges). Using that information, we revamped our own medical school curriculum to cover this important health topic in a “spiral” manner bringing medical students into residency training programs with significantly more OH knowledge and skills than in the past. We will present factors contributing to a model OH program across courses including family medicine clerkship and residency training sites, as well as resources for teaching, and a new tool designed for evaluating your OH curriculum within primary care training. We anticipate that attendees will be able to return to their schools/training programs prepared to teach OH.

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