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The Hub: A Competency-Based On-Line Resource for Clinical Clerks

Family medicine clinical clerks repeatedly expressed feeling overwhelmed with the breadth of clinical content and asked for guidance on how and what to study. A review of the literature did not reveal an appropriate resource and as such, “The Hub,” a cross platform on-line resource based on a...

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Common Causes of Cervicitis & Vaginitis

Learning Objectives:1. Understand the common etiologies of cervicitis & vaginitis, both infectious and noninfectious.2. Understand the basics of the microscopic exam and be able to identify common vaginal pathogens on microscopy exam.3. Know the common treatments for cervicitis & vaginitis in...

Vaginitis-Cervicitis 2016.ppt

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Evaluation of a Self-Directed Learning Module for Patient-Centered Communication Skills

Poster summary of module and results of evaluation. Also uploaded are the materials that will allow you to replicate this learning module in your own program. Our aim was to design a self-directed learning module for enhancing patient-centered communication skills that would be efficient in...

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Focus Search - Conference on Medical Student Education “I will

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The Robot Will See You Now: The Evolving Future of Family Medicine

The future of family medicine involves reimagining the health care team to includesome surprising participants. New technologies are disrupting the current models of primary care, and reorientation tonew approaches of care delivery is knocking at our door. Leadership is fluid and the robots are...

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Using Big Data analytics to identify students “falling off the growth chart” and evaluate competency learning curves

The transition from pre-clinical to clinical rotations is often described as a “steep learning curve” without referring to any specific data or metrics. Learning curves are a visual representation of performance. Experience curves add in a component of deliberate practice and feedback that...

STFM 2017 TOCA Big Data Learning Analytics.pdf

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Exploring Social Determinates of Health for a Community Health Needs Assessment as a Platform for Interprofessional Education

The Eastern Virginia Medical School, as part of a 4 year longitudinal interprofessional education program for its medical students, is implementing a collaborative interprofessional educational program for its MD and PA programs that allows for flexible scheduling of small teams of students to...

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