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Faculty Development for Community Preceptors

Presentation given at the 2017 STFM Medical Student Education conference in Anaheim, CA. #2017 #ConferenceonMedicalStudentEducation #preceptordevelopment

STFM MSE 2017 Preceptor Development.pptx

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Developing Faculty Educators: Using the STFM Residency Faculty Fundamentals Certificate Program to Empower your Faculty

approach to faculty development that uses a...Fundamentals Certificate Program for faculty...development uses distance-learning to ensure that

17AN_Presentation STFM GMEC_EWedit (2).pptx

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Learning to Teach and Teaching to Learn: Dynamic Approaches to Improve Teaching Skills Aimed at Personal Faculty Develoment

personal faculty development. The presentation...own faculty development and a clarifying

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Focus Search - Your Own Personal Faculty Development and

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Leadership Development for New Faculty in Family Medicine: Learn New Skills in Mentorship, Scholarly Activity, Research Development, Advocacy, Wellness, and Resilience

continuous faculty development. Presenters will...guidance on faculty development, mentorship...balance.Implement faculty development programs, by

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Focus Search - Suggestions for faculty development at

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Cases and competencies for case-based seminar on Leadership Succession Planning at All Levels

participant agenda, succession planning cases, and leadership competencies developed by the ADFM Leadership Development Committee for Department Chairs and other FM leaders; used in seminar S31 #Competency #leadership #STFMAnnualSpringConference #2017

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Focus Search - Administration/management a. Faculty development and

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Procedural Competency Evaluation Process for Residency Programs

The Kaiser Permanente San Diego Family Medicine Residency created a process to evaluate residents on procedural competency.The residency faculty first agreed on a list of required outpatient procedures and on specific steps required to complete a given procedure competently. The objective...

Procedural Competency Evaluation Process - STFM May 2017.pdf

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How double-boarded physicians improve behavioral health education for all learners

This is a fact sheet with information on how double-boarded physicians in family medicine and psychiatry or internal medicine and psychiatry can help enhance behavioral health education in family medicine residency programs. This will be used in a presentation the 2016 Forum for Behavioral...

How double-boarded physicians improve behavioral health education for all learners.docx