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Transitioning from an Individual QI Project Format to a Departmental QI Project in an Academic Family Medicine Clinic

Round Table Discussion STFM San Diego 2017Learning Objectives:On completion of this session, the participants should be able to...1. Describe the benefits of a departmental versus individual QI project. 2. Describe how to transition from an individual-based QI project to a departmental QI...

STFM RT handout.pdf

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Growing Your Engagement Garden: Making Patient and Family Engagement Work in a Residency Clinic

Powerpoint slideset addressing: methods for engaging patients and families at the clinic level, common perceived barriers, tips for success, and suggestions for integrating learners into the work. #PAB #patientandfamilyengagement #QualityImprovement #patientengagement #PAC #PFAC ...

Growing Your Engagement Garden STFM 2017.pptx