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Procedural Competency Evaluation Process for Residency Programs

The Kaiser Permanente San Diego Family Medicine Residency created a process to evaluate residents on procedural competency.The residency faculty first agreed on a list of required outpatient procedures and on specific steps required to complete a given procedure competently. The objective...

Procedural Competency Evaluation Process - STFM May 2017.pdf

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Using Big Data analytics to identify students “falling off the growth chart” and evaluate competency learning curves

The transition from pre-clinical to clinical rotations is often described as a “steep learning curve” without referring to any specific data or metrics. Learning curves are a visual representation of performance. Experience curves add in a component of deliberate practice and feedback that...

STFM 2017 TOCA Big Data Learning Analytics.pdf

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Community Health Assessment Exercise

This resource consists of a community health assessment exercise designed to be completed during a six-week community medicine preceptorship clinical rotation. It consists of a Word document presenting the exercise to students in six steps and a grading rubric for the exercise. Also included is...

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