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Verbal Patient Presentations: A Practical Guide for Medical Students

In the hospital and clinic, medical student verbal patient presentations convey important information to the team. Time is of the essence, so concise and logical presentations of the relevant information will set students apart. The overall format for the verbal presentation is similar to the...

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Narcolepsy: Theory and Treatment Update

Clinical Practice Update presented at 38th Forum for Behavioral Science in Family Medicine. #ResourcetoShare #ForumforBehavioralScienceinFamilyMedicine #BehavioralMedicine #BehavioralScienceForum #2017 #behavioralscience

Narcolepsy Theory and Treatment Update final.pptx

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Doctor-Patient Communication Video Reflection Blog

Focusing on Doctor-Patient Interaction: Peer to Peer Feedback Through Blog Reflections. Presentation and materials on the use of a patient communication blog in a Family Medicine Residency for viewing of patient visits of self and peers, with space for resident peer observations and reflections...

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Revisiting the Canons of Psychiatry: Teaching CATIE, STAR*D, & STEP-BD to FM Residents.

We will provide a PowerPoint and one-page handouts to use in education primary care residents about three of the largest psychiatry studies on depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. #Depression #Schizophrenia #Research #ForumforBehavioralScienceinFamilyMedicine ...

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Back to the Future: A Family Systems Curriculum

Power point presentation from the 2017 Annual Conference Example Syllabus #BehavioralMedicine #CurriculumDevelopment #BehavioralScienceForum #2017 #familyoforigin #STFMAnnualSpringConference #ResidentEducation #Familysystems

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Training family medicine residents for hospital based work: a survey of adult inpatient medicine curricula

Slide set for survey research describing residency factors associated with proportion of graduates entering hospital medicine #hospitalist #curriculum #ICU #STFMAnnualSpringConference #criticalcare #hospitalmedicine #inpatient #2017

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Toolkit for Teaching About Racism in the Context of Persistent Health and Healthcare Disparities

This toolkit was formed by the listed contributors who sought to explore how to teach health care providers to reduce healthcare inequities. Our discussions have focused on race and racism but include a larger critical dialogue on bias, identity, intersectionality, and privilege. This toolkit...