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Narcolepsy: Theory and Treatment Update

Clinical Practice Update presented at 38th Forum for Behavioral Science in Family Medicine. #ResourcetoShare #ForumforBehavioralScienceinFamilyMedicine #BehavioralMedicine #BehavioralScienceForum #2017 #behavioralscience

Narcolepsy Theory and Treatment Update final.pptx

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Doctor-Patient Communication Video Reflection Blog

Focusing on Doctor-Patient Interaction: Peer to Peer Feedback Through Blog Reflections. Presentation and materials on the use of a patient communication blog in a Family Medicine Residency for viewing of patient visits of self and peers, with space for resident peer observations and reflections...

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Supplement and vitamin smartphrases

Introduction:These dot-smartphrases were developed to be used in an EHR system like `Epic`. This list provides a quick and easy way to give patients who are either interested or already take over the counter herbal medication some basic guidance and cautions. List of herbs chosen is based on...

Supplement Smartphrases - for upload Nitin Budhwar.pdf

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Learning to Teach and Teaching to Learn: Dynamic Approaches to Improve Teaching Skills Aimed at Personal Faculty Develoment

This session was a preconference which presented innovative, theory-based teaching activities as well as a plan for goal setting for personal faculty development. The presentation was designed to teach about “whole person” teaching, and consisted of using experiential learning, inspiring...

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Checklist for pelvic examination competency

Checklist for faculty assessing residents' competence when performing pelvic examinations with continuity clinic patients #ResourcetoShare #physicalexam #DirectObservation #Competency #Procedures #2017 #ResidentAssessment

pelvic exam competency checklist.docx

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Options for Dermoscopy--Introduction

This is an introductory power point for Family Medicine residency programs planning to begin teaching dermoscopy to their residents. #STFMAnnualSpringConference #2017

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Why Wiki? Exploring Advantages of Innovative Infomation Management

Session presentation on using a wiki website for residency information management, an innovative solution which has several advantages over other platforms. #2017 #STFMAnnualSpringConference


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Use of Situation-based Group Discussions to Improve Residency Interviews

Presentation and reference materials on our use of the World Café group discussion method as an interview tool, using ability to participate in collaborative dialog to give insights that are difficult to capture otherwise. (STFM Annual Conference 2017) #2017 #STFMAnnualSpringConference ...

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Overcoming Obstacles to Buprenorphine Treatment for Residents, Faculty and Programs - "It's not just one more thing!"

In this seminar, participants explored their own and their programs barriers to buprenorphine treatment, ranging from obtaining DEA waivers to prescribing to program and system resistance. Worksheets were used to list obstacles and possible solutions. At the end of the seminar, participants...

STFM_2017AN_It's not just one more thing_no videos.pdf