21st Century Cures Act: Patient Perceptions on Open Information Sharing in Vermont Primary Care Clinics

01-11-2024 11:49

The 21st Century Cures Act federally mandates the release of progress notes, lab results, and radiology/pathology reports to all patients’ electronic health record portals. This study explores patient perspectives on shared notes at the University of Vermont Medical Center and addresses provider concerns about patient uptake due to potential worry or confusion. An electronic survey was distributed to 7,240 eligible patients, adults who logged into MyChart on Epic and had an outpatient/telemedical visit at either Colchester Family Medicine or South Burlington Adult Primary Care in Vermont within one year of the study. The response rate was 4.6%. 90% of respondents agreed that shared notes are a good idea, 76% found accessing notes easy, and 2% felt more worried about their health because of shared notes. 89%, 85%, and 82% of respondents found visit notes important for understanding their health, remembering their care plan, and feeling in control of their care, respectively. Provider concerns about patient stress may be overstated, as patients appear to benefit from shared notes through increased engagement with their health, communication with providers, and adherence to care plans.

Author(s):Jared Stone; Anthony Quach; Rachel McEntee, MD; Charles D Maclean, MD; Yao Li, MD; Alicia Jacobs, MD, FAAFP
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