A New Model for Assessing Teaching Quality Improvement to Family Medicine Residents

04-26-2012 22:22

Objective: To develop and implement a formal didactics and experiential curriculum to train Family Medicine (FM) residents in Quality Improvement (QI) knowledge and skills. Method: 1) All FM faculty participated in seven workshops on QI theory and design. 2) All second year residents received a day-long workshop on knowledge and skills of QI and conducted QI projects for up to two years. Results: Knowledge and confidence scores significantly improved following training, p<.001. QI skills (as measured by the QIKAT) did not improve in the first wave, but follow-up scores improved in the second wave, p=.004. Conclusions: Knowledge and confidence related to QI in FM improved in residents following their training. Residents' QI skills improved in the second wave following their experiences conducting QI projects. FMDRL_ID: 3835

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Author(s):Ivy Click, MA, Fred Tudiver, MD, Jeri Ann Basden, MS
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