Competencies for Rural and Underserved Practice

04-08-2016 07:06

Competency-based education has been widely promoted and implemented in medical student and resident education. The presenters in this seminar will describe how general competencies especially relevant to rural underserved settings have been developed and implemented as well, at three medical schools and in one residency program. They will share results of a national survey of both undergraduate and graduate medical educators aimed at assessing the relative importance of these domains in education and practice and will solicit feedback and additional suggestions for domains, sub-competencies and/or specific measures and milestones from participants, in order to further develop a nationally recognized rural curriculum for medical professionals. In addition, presenters are soliciting feedback on whether these rural underserved competencies could be applicable to a wider audience, including medical professionals teaching and practicing in urban underserved communities. FMDRL_ID: 6028

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Author(s):Randall Longenecker, MD, John Bowling, DO, Andrea Wendling, MD
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