Creating a Trauma Informed Curriculum

08-29-2022 14:38

It is estimated that 50 to 75% of general population experiences substantial exposure to traumatic events (Green, et al 2015). Trauma has been linked to mental health diagnoses such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety, as well as interpersonal difficulties (Green, et al 2015). Further, trauma is linked to increased health care costs and negative health outcomes, including chronic cardiac and pulmonary diseases (Green, et al 2015). While trauma-exposed patients are common in primary care, many providers report feelings of discomfort when discussing trauma and its links to health effects (Dichter, et al 2018). Studies have also identified insufficient exposure to trauma-informed care (TIC) training in family medicine residency programs, leaving providers feeling unprepared for these difficult conversations with patients (Dichter, et al 2018). ACGME program requirements for Family Medicine encourage teaching a whole-person approach that integrates TIC into the existing curriculum. Our lecture discussion will provide information on creating a longitudinal TIC curriculum that utilizes didactic presentations and active problem-based learning workshops. A case presentation, as well as small group discussions will be utilized to enhance the promotion of creative solutions to curriculum development. Small group discussions will include identifying barriers to implementing a TIC curriculum, creating alternative learning activities for residents, identifying local trauma resources for collaborative care, and recognizing the challenges in addressing patient population mental health needs within primary care that can lead to vicarious traumatization and professional burnout.

Author(s):Anthony Brine, PsyD; Lisa Weiss, MD, M.Ed., FAAFP
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