Developing Educators for Integrative Medicine

05-03-2022 13:47

Whole-person care, a goal of family medicine, includes the integration of non-pharmacologic approaches to care. This integrative medicine approach is taught in residency and in fellowships. However, there is no fellowship devoted to the creation of master teachers in integrative medicine. We leveraged two strengths in our residency -- expertise in integrative medicine and a pre-existing,
long-running Master Teacher Fellowship, to develop the first Integrative Medicine Educator Fellowship. We used the model of "building the plane as you are flying it" whereby Fellows develop competency while also learning to teach those same skills (see citation). The Fellowship is a two-year program. This Fellowship will result in Board Certification in Integrative Medicine and also completion of a
Masters of Medical Education. We have one Fellow in the program. Combining clinically-focused training with training in faculty development, both at high levels over two years, will further the teaching of integrative medicine.

Author(s):Crespo, Cortney; Shaughnessy, Allen F., Gordon, Andrea E.
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