Engaging Medical Students in Quality Improvement during the Family Medicine Clerkship

06-20-2022 23:48

The culture of primary care in America is rapidly evolving to adapt the tenants of the Patient Centered Medical Home and Family Medicine educators will be required to find innovative ways to teach these skills to our future physician workforce.  Developing greater capacity for Quality Improvement (QI) is one such key tenant. Medical Student involvement in QI from an early stage is known to lead to improved educational outcomes. However, Family Medicine Clerkships have not traditionally involved QI, even though the value of this educational tool is indisputable. In this lecture, we share the experience of UCSF Family Medicine educators over the past 4 years developing and implementing QI in the Family Medicine Clerkship. We highlight the avenues of approaches, accomplishments, lessons learned, and implications for future QI curriculum initiatives at UCSF. Finally, we will discuss qualitative and quantitative feedback from learners and educators involved in this educational intervention.  

Author(s):Payam Sazegar. Laura Hill-Sakurai.
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