Faculty Development for Medical School Community-Based Faculty: A CERA Study Exploring Institutional Requirements and Challenges

01-22-2017 23:16

This session will include a presentation of data and conclusions from a recent CERA (Council of Academic Family Medicine’s Educational Research Alliance) survey on faculty development for community preceptors. The survey was sent to US and Canadian family medicine clerkship directors in the fall/winter of 2015/2016. One hundred and twelve (112) of 141 eligible family medicine clerkship directors responded to the survey, which is a statement to the importance of this topic. The purposes of the survey were to explore methods and trends in how clerkship directors provide faculty development to community-based preceptors and to explore several related hypotheses/questions (eg, Are programs that pay family medicine preceptors more likely to have a requirement of participation in faculty development activities?). This session will be helpful to anyone who has oversight of family medicine clerkships or delivers faculty development to community-based preceptors. Following the presentation of data and conclusions, breakout groups will engage in problem-solving discussions. Each group will be assigned to discuss one of three specific challenges that were revealed as a result of the CERA survey. Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to: Identify best practices for building faculty development infrastructure for community-based preceptors associated with their institutions. Consider the practice climate and other challenges that limit community-based faculty from accessing faculty development and generate innovative strategies to overcome these barriers. Examine existing incentive strategies to engage community-based preceptors in teaching and faculty development activities and develop novel approaches to promote continued involvement and engagement in medical education.


Author(s):Joanna Drowos DO; Dennis Baker PhD; Suzanne Baker PhD, Suzanne Harrison MD; Suzanne Minor MD; Alexander Chessman MD
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