Friendly, Friends, and Favoritism: Boundaries, Hierarchy, and Relationships Among Learners and Faculty (The Elephant in the Room Series)

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Seminar discussion from 2017 - In family medicine, we develop multifaceted relationships. These relationships may cross a boundary affecting our ability to evaluate, teach, and mentor. The hidden curriculum impact goes beyond those directly involved. The transactional power differential between teachers and learners results in less reporting and thus less discussion. The subtle blurring of professional boundaries can lead to larger differences in promotion and success and grow into unrecognized discrimination, which can take on religious, sexist, racist and more qualities. It can limit the academic strength and diversity of programs and potentially impact patients. It is vital we work towards balancing collegiality and professionalism in relationships for our specialty. Here we reviewed current literature and the consequences. We are looking at self, program, and specialty and discuss the hidden curriculum. The goal is to provide a safe environment to see our own contributions, and what we can do to improve professional relationships, equality, and the learning environment in our relationship driven specialty. If we can recognize, we can see, we can learn and we can improve. Learning Pearls: * Favoritism is a result of blurring boundaries and inappropriate closeness and involved judgment based on personal preferences. * Impacts the person, the group, the institution and can have long lasting effects. * Stand in your truth – recognize our own tendencies, then assess and act. * Discuss and teach – invite the elephant into the room. Research more.

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Author(s):Natascha Lautenschlaeger MD, MSPH; Hayam Shaker MD, Viviane Sachs, MD
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