Innovating an Interprofessional Teaming Experience with Family Medicine Residents

05-12-2021 10:13

The KU Department of Family Medicine has been a leader of interprofessional (IP) learning in practice through its Interprofessional Teaching Clinic (IPTC) (1,2).  For many years in IPTC, teamlets of learners from medicine, pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, social work, and psychology have provided synchronous team-based patient care under the supervision of their IP faculty. In 2019, the IPTC model was further innovated when PGY3 Family Medicine residents were added. Resident involvement helped meet under-met ACGME requirements in IP education, and training focused on three competency areas: teaming, feedback, and clinical teaching. Residents served as the team lead for the learner teamlets. Learners first evaluated each patient, then “presented” to the resident, who oversaw teaching and coordinated patient care under direct faculty supervision. Each clinic session ended with time dedicated for IP teaching and feedback for the learners, which the residents helped facilitate along with IP faculty.

The program was evaluated in two ways. First, IP faculty were asked to assess resident acquisition of IP competencies based on relevant ACGME Milestones and to provide narrative comments on their skills. Second, residents were asked to self-assess the same IP competencies correlated to relevant milestones and to assess their overall experience, their valuation of IP practice in training, and their confidence in skills related to the learning objectives.

On completion of this session the participants should be able to…

  1. Describe an innovative interprofessional teaching clinic (IPTC) to expand residents’ interprofessional skills, teaming, feedback, and clinical teaching.
  2. Compare resident self-assessment of interprofessional skills to faculty assessment of interprofessional skills development using ACGME milestones.
  3. Understand resident experiences within IPTC to enhance resident teaching ability, professional development, and professional identity formation.

Author(s):Kelsie Kelly MD, MPH; Ashley Crowl, PharmD; Laurel Witt MD, MPhil; Hannah Maxfield, MD
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