Medical Assistant Training—How an EHR Optimization Team Can Supplement a Standardized Training Program

09-14-2021 12:49

Medical assistants (MAs) are in high demand, expected to be job ready when hired, and suffer from burnout along with the rest of the health care team. There is wide variability in MA training as well as different expectations of MAs once working in an individual clinic. A commonality is constant interaction with the electronic health record while performing their duties. We believe efficiency and satisfaction improve when everyone works at the highest allowed scope of practice. We leverage technology to expand support opportunities and analyze the impacts of improvements.Our MAs start with academy training to align basic skills and prepare them for clinical work. In our University of Colorado Health system, we have created a cross walk of the MA training academy curriculum in both academic and community practices and identified where that training interacts with the EHR. We have identified areas where our successful Sprint EHR Training and Optimization program can supplement these trainings, enhance and support standardization and provide feedback to our training programs. We will share the methods we used to create this support program.

Author(s):Heather Holmstrom, MD; Eden English, MD; Mary McDaniel, MSN, RN; Alejandrina Herrera, MA
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