Narrative Medicine in the Time of Pandemics: A Brief Course for 3rd Year Medical Students

01-27-2022 17:05

When clinical rotations were suspended early in the Covid19 pandemic, medical schools had to quickly develop virtual curricula that continued to engage students. At the FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, these curricula included multiple learning activities focused on clinical and non-clinical topics, including a 1-week course, Narrative Medicine in the Time of Pandemics. During this course, students read and discussed Albert Camus’ The Plague and wrote and revised a reflection on their experiences with Covid19. To assess students’ satisfaction with and self-perceived impact of this course, we administered an anonymous, computer-based post-course survey consisting of Likert-type and short-answer questions. 22 students participated in the course; 16 (73%) completed the survey. 94 percent of students agreed or strongly agreed that the objectives of the course were clear, that there were an appropriate number of assignments, that the feedback they received on their writing allowed for deeper reflections on Covid19, that the small group discussion allowed for a deeper understanding of The Plague, and that The Plague served as an effective way to explore their current experiences with Covid19. One student strongly disagreed with all statements. Our findings suggest that, overall, students felt like this course allowed them an effective forum in which to reflect on their own experiences with Covid19, and that they were highly satisfied with the provided learning activities.

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