Racism and Persistent Disparities: Difficult Conversations on the Road to Equity

02-09-2021 15:27

This presentation was a Keynote speech at the 2020 Forum on Behavioral Science.  The presentation was discussion based, and described how to approach the topic of racism in medical education settings.  Drs. Fraser and Hood Watson each shared their perspectives on the problem of racism in medicine, medical education and society in general.  They both outlined how they addressed racism and health equity in their institutions, especially in light of recent events surrounding George Floyd’s murder and the ensuing protests.  They also discussed curriculum development and program development meant to counter the racial and systemic inequities that plague our system of medical education.  Drs. Ring, Barenboim and Freedy facilitated small and large group discussion as a part of the presentation.  Below is a brief summary of some practical tips they presented for participants interested in doing anti-racism work in their own institutions.  For more information on this presentation and more extensive resource lists, please contact Dr. Fraser at kathryn.fraser@hailfax.org or Dr. Hood Watson at watsonkh@musc.edu.

Author(s):Kathryn Fraser, PhD, Kristen Hood Watson, MD, Jeff Ring, PhD, Hernan Barenboim, PhD, LMFT, John Freedy, MD, PhD
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