Sample Infographic Assignment Instructions

06-02-2023 15:22

Sample infographic assignment instructions

Create an Infographic!

Have you been thinking about yourself as a teacher? Maybe you should. You teach your patients about their health all the time. Plus, you'll be teaching and supervising medical learners before you know it.

With that in mind, there's a lot for any teacher to learn about content and process. Here's an exercise to develop your skills. Pick a content area important to medicine. Ideally, something that you're interested in and you might like to teach about. Once you have something in mind, find two or three articles that can help you grow and refine your skills in this area. You might read a bunch of articles before you find one that you think is worth sharing.

Next, distill your article(s) into a small number of learning points and create an infographic that articulates the process. This is what you would teach from if you had 5-10 minutes in a busy clinic with a learner, and maybe what you'd use to cue up the knowledge for yourself later. You can use Power Point or the web based platform, Canva, to build your graphic.

Your infographic is due by the end of the BH rotation, including completed design and a 3 minute scripted talk to teach the concepts.

Sample Topics

Meditation Benefits, Convincing patients to get the COVID vaccine, When to refer to OMM, Delivering bad news, Interviewing unhoused patients, Caring for chronic pain, Brief CBT, Helping patients who may become aggressive, Brief behavioral treatment for insomnia

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