Social Medicine Immersion Month: Resident-led Design of Health Equity Curriculum to Expand the Critical Consciousness of Trainees

04-29-2022 14:52

The existence of health disparities has been well described in medical and public health literature. Frameworks for understanding the drivers of health disparities such as structural competency, intersectionality, critical race theory, and critical pedagogy have been developed within social science literature, while methods to combat those drivers have been innovated by community activists. Theory and activism addressing health disparities have garnered increased attention by medical educators. However, residency programs struggle to balance many competing training requirements and can lack the design expertise needed to create curricula, especially curricula that emphasizes new theories of understanding and is relevant and sensitive to the local patient population. Some of the most promising efforts to integrate content addressing health disparities have been driven by trainees traditionally underrepresented in medicine. Formal ways of encouraging their contribution without overburdening URM trainees have not been explored. This workshop aims to discuss sustainable methods for curriculum design led by residents that minimizes minority tax and centers preexisting community efforts toward health equity.

Author(s):Michelle Peña, MD | Chantel Gordon, MD | Amy LaCount, MD | Chelsea Alvarado, MD | Oladimeji A. Oki, MD
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