Starting a Virtual Community Outreach Program: A Hands-on Seminar

05-08-2021 20:28

COVID-19 has worsened health disparities among minority populations. The main relevant factors are challenges with health care access and difficulties with acculturation. There are around 44 million immigrants in the United States, so we should not underestimate the negative impact by COVID-19 on minority population health. As ACGME includes community in most of the core competencies, familiarity with their community is a vital skill for family medicine physicians to take care of patients, considering their psychosocial factors. Therefore, learning community outreach would help family medicine educators deepen their understanding of the community and population where they serve along with enriching their practices. However, there are few opportunities to learn how to run a sustainable community outreach. In this session, we teach the basics of community outreach in the practical setting, followed by practicing of creating a community outreach program. This session covers a lecture about community outreach program in general with sharing our 13-year experiences of community outreach activities. This interactive seminar includes hand-on training session when participants would plan a new community outreach program in their community, followed by sharing their idea. We share our key tips to create a sustainable community outreach program based on our long-established program since 2008.

Author(s):Kento Sonoda MD; Teiichi Takedai MD
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