Striving to Become an Anti-Racist Department: Strategies for Sustained Engagement and Transformation

04-30-2022 12:10

In response to the global social justice protests of the summer of 2020, the Interim-Chair of the University of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, charged our standing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee with developing and executing a 2.0 anti-racism department-wide proposal. Having built a cohesive team already advancing innovative DEI strategies which emerged from a 2014 DEI Initiative (,  we will share our additional strategies for building capacity and assuring sustainability of our efforts to move to becoming an anti-racist, multicultural department. We will share results of a climate assessment completed by internal departmental members as well results of a racial equity and inclusion assessment performed by outside consultants. We have incorporated both introspective personal opportunities for growth along with outward-facing institutional strategies for change with a goal to build infrastructure, capacity, partnerships, and leadership to assure enduing change. We will share our ongoing efforts with participants and provide opportunities to brainstorm ideas for change at participantsā€™ local institutions.

Author(s):Jennifer Edgoose, William Schwab, Shelly Shaw, Maddie Batzli, Ronni Hayon, Tom Hahn, Jordan Bingham, ananda mirilli
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