The Connection Between Personal and Professional Development for Academic Program Coordinators

02-15-2024 15:22
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Academic program coordinators are most effective and successful when they strive to improve not only their professional development, but also their personal development. Because they are interconnected, it is essential for coordinators to focus on both areas of growth. In addition to meeting the ever-changing and growing list of competencies and skills programs require, it is beneficial for coordinators to improve and/or develop personal qualities that are needed to perform these broad range of tasks. Striving for continuous improvement while focusing on all aspects of development can lead to happy, productive work and successful outcomes overall. During this session, presenters will define and discuss the similarities and differences between personal and professional development. Through this discussion, presenters will help participants recognize the importance of developing both sets of goals. Finally, presenters and participants will share strategies and resources that can be utilized when setting goals in either area of development.

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