The Weight of Bias: Anti-Fat Bias, Health, and Medical Education

02-13-2023 13:16

Anti-fat bias has been increasing in the United States since the designation of “obesity” as a disease. In fact, it is the only implicit bias tracked by the Harvard Implicit Attitudes Test (IAT) that has increased during this time. Healthcare is one of the major sources of anti-fat bias, which undermines our attempts to improve the health of people at the higher end of the weight spectrum. As increased attention turns in our profession to the role of structural determinants of health equity, we must reevaluate what we know about, and how we provide care for, patients across the weight spectrum.

In this presentation, we will explore the impact of and alternatives to the dominant weight-centric model of care. We will examine the direct and indirect effects of anti-fat bias on health and deconstruct the scientific basis of anti-fat dogma in healthcare. As leaders in healthcare education, you will leave with the tools to effectively teach about and advocate for anti-bias care of larger bodied patients.

Author(s):Lisa Erlanger, MD
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