University of Minnesota LGBTQIA+ Symposium Materials

01-06-2021 15:57

The included resources are materials used for an interprofessional conference held at the University of Minnesota Medical School in 2019, the LGTBQIA+ Health Symposium. The conference theme was "Envisioning Healthy Futures for LGBTQIA+ Children and Youth" and focused specifically on the needs of sexual and gender minority pediatric populations. Specifically, materials include (1) a description of Symposium components, and (2) an evidence-informed case study used for an active learning case at the close of the Symposium, with associated guidance for facilitators. The purpose of these materials are to provide a template for other health professions education students, faculty, and staff in developing and implementing their own educational activities concerning sexual and gender minority health. This resource accompanies a manuscript submitted to PRiMER describing the implementation and outcomes of this educational activity.

Author(s):Marvin So, Baila Elkin, Katherine Beck-Esmay, Kristin Chu, Tobias Donlon
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