We Can Do Better: Application of an Equity Lens to Faculty Development and Academic Promotion

05-03-2023 10:26

Abstract: In this era of racial reckoning in the US, many medical schools, departments and individuals are leaning in to do the hard work of self-examination and wrestling to understand their own contributions to inequity and systemic racism. In this seminar we’ll share some highlights from Duke School of Medicine’s efforts on this front including the Moment to Movement campaign, Duke’s “pledge to stand against racism in all its forms, to be self-aware and to make equitable choices daily,” the adoption of a new Justice Equity Diversity Antiracism and Inclusion (JEDAI) framework to recognize activities in these areas as impactful contributions that count towards academic promotion, and our family medicine and community health departments launch of a new Faculty Development System (FDS) designed to proactively support faculty and the annual review process while also tracking distribution of departmental resources and time-at-rank analysis to monitor inequities in academic promotion.

Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to:

  1. Describe a framework to measure impact of work in the sphere of Justice Equity Diversity Antiracism and Inclusion to support academic promotion.
  2. Describe differences between mentorship, sponsorship and coaching and how to proactively build faculty support teams.
  3. Explain the concept “improvement without equity is harm.”

Author(s):Gregory Sawin, MD, MPH
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