You say Potayto, I say Potahto: Using Emotional Intelligence to Navigate Interprofessional Ethical Conflict

09-26-2021 10:55

Behavioral health providers (BHPs) working in academic healthcare settings find themselves in a unique position.  While we share the core principles of ethical practice with our medical colleagues, our respective professions’  ethical codes of conduct differ significantly. These dynamic tensions are ubiquitous for BHPs, and we navigate and tolerate the distress most days in practice. However, ethical conflicts can contribute to feelings of isolation, moral distress, symptoms of burnout, and when they fall down the slippery slope can change lives and shift cultures. Navigating this slope takes self-awareness, relationship management and leadership skills. In this workshop, we will review and discuss case examples demonstrating these tensions, especially with regard to boundary setting, managing dual relationships, and confidentiality.

Emotional intelligence (EI) is a set of competencies that can assist with navigating these tensions. EI is associated with, and in some cases a significant predictor of, many factors, including effective collaboration, conflict management, and transformational leadership. The majority of BHPs, by nature of our training, have a foundational level of EI knowledge and skills. This workshop will discuss strategies for leveraging your experience and developing self-awareness and communication skills in ethically challenging situations. Lastly, we will share ways to facilitate EI development at your home institution among medical colleagues and learners.

Author(s):Laura Daniels, PhD, Aaron Grace, PsyD, & Kim Dulaney, MD
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