Implementing an Integrated Information Prescription Model in Family Medicine

07-09-2008 12:14

Abstract It is widely accepted that an informed patient is an empowered patient, better able to act as partner with his or her health professional (HP) with the goal of achieving improved health outcomes. Meeting the health information needs of consumers and HPs in a timely manner can be challenging. This session proposes the Information Rx model for the provision of health information within one academic family medicine teaching unit, supported by the adjacent hospital library with a health information professional (HIP) on site as a new member of the health care team. This session reviews 1) how the information needs of the community were determined 2) existing health information models with a focus on the Information Rx model 3) lessons learned several months after implementation. FMDRL_ID: 1412

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Author(s):Francesca Frati, MLIS
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