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Imap Backup


IMAP email backup lets you connect to specific mail service and then download the account folders promptly locally or on a network distinct from the original location. Shoviv Imap Backup tool contains the dedicated algorithm within. It functions to act as the IMAP backup wizard to copy emails to any location.

IMAP Tools for Backup of Email: The Main benefit is to begin backup IMAP messages sent from user accounts to the storage device, using the IMAP protocol to exchange information. The backup email with IMAP has certain benefits over saving emails locally or using bridge services.

Direct Access to IMAP Backup Tool as an IMAP Backup tool, Shoviv Backup requires no additional area, bridge service, or third-party software to accomplish it. In addition to reducing time, traffic, and space for storage, this enhances the overall security of backups by removing unneeded procedures that could cause issues in your backup process.

Migration, Restoration, and Cloning: This method allows IMAP emails to be restored and Backup and moves or cloning the account content to another server. So, instead of saving IMAP email backup locally, you can transfer all of the content of your messages to a different location and utilize it.