Geri Games: Getting Creative With Geriatric Teaching

05-09-2022 19:14

According to a recent report from the National Center for Health Workforce Analysis, the supply of geriatricians is predicted to increase over the next 5 years as too will the demand for physicians trained in the care of fragile elder adults—trends which will culminate in the demand outpacing supply. Every clinician, even those not fellowship-trained as geriatric providers, will find themselves caring for this vulnerable population. Thus, they should be thoroughly trained in principles of geriatric care. These facts, combined with the ACGME core program requirement for protected didactic time and the general understanding that residents prefer less pedantic and passive teaching, led to the development of creative and more active teaching tools in the form of games. Residents are telling us that they no longer thrive in straight-didactic, lecture-learning formats, either directly or by voting with their feet (ie, not showing up). Creatively changing didactics helps to keep learners engaged, reinforces learning points through varying means, and has the trickle-down effect of improving the care of geriatric patients. Attendees will play examples of games including "Chutes and Bladders: UTIs in the Elderly, ""Delirium Scatergories," and "Beers List Pong."

Author(s):Anderson, Kristin J, MD, MPH
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